Reliable Knife is a website aimed at bringing newbie and veteran knife enthusiasts honest and accurate opinions of the best knives currently on the market.  Our website will break down everything from everyday carry knives to tactical knives, survival knives, and even kitchen and chef’s knives.

Going further, we like to not only provide you with the specs of a given knife, but also details of where its made, its best uses, and the wide range of pros and cons.  We also like to provide you with a little history of the knife manufacturer (or the individual knife maker, for those that make custom knives), how you can best sharpen a blade, and where you can find the best prices for your fixed or folding knife online.

At Reliable Knife, we like to go into depth about knife sharpeners too, so that you can come to a proper conclusion about whether it’s best to go with a sharpening stone or an electric knife sharpener.

We hope you enjoy our website, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!