Knives were the first survival tool for the earliest human beings, and that longevity has served the species well. The prehistoric tool that could both kill your dinner and quickly help you cook it has evolved into a basic cornerstone of indoor and outdoor activity.

The fixed-blade and folding-blade knife, with their differing strengths, bring immense versatility to our everyday tasks.

What other tool, short of having access to Batman’s utility belt or MacGyver’s brain, can you have a reasonable expectation of opening a Christmas package, cutting a rope, or saving a life–all just by reaching into your own pocket?

Finding a Reliable Knife

If you’re brand new here and trying to figure out the best place to start your knife journey, we’ve created a great Start Here page. On this page, you’ll be able to learn more information on whatever knife you need–be it one to help fillet fish in the kitchen or a handy outdoor knife that can open cans of beans or whittle wood.