KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 review: Small, Cheap, and Great

If you’re in the market for a manual knife sharpener that will be reliable, easy to use, monumentally affordable, and relatively small, look no further than the KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2.  In this review, not only will be cover the features and specs of this little sharpening system, we’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the device, and even provide you with details related to how the Edge Grip 2 stacks up to the competition.

Edge Grip 2 sharpener

Please use our interactive table below to help you best make the most wise choice possible.

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So is this sharpener worth your money?  Let’s find out.

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2: Features and Specs

The KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener is an inexpensive portable knife sharpener.  It uses a two-stage sharpening system, with a coarse side for sharpening a blade and a fine side for honing the edge.  The coarse side is carbide while the fine side uses ceramic as the sharpening agent.

The unit is black and silver and features an ergonomic handle for a safe, sure, and comfortable grip.  The bottom of the unit has rubber feet to help prevent it from sliding on countertops.

Some key features of the Edge Grip 2 are the following:

  • Small at 4.3×3.1×5.9 in and weighing in at only one pound
  • Very easy to use. Simply pull the blade through the slots 3-5 times and the knife is sharpened.
  • Carbide and ceramic blades to ensure a long working life.
  • Inexpensive at only about $10, much less expensive than an electric model or a stone system.
  • Great choice for campers and other outdoors types.

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The unit does a reasonably good job of sharpening the blade, and the fixed angle (approximately 20-22 degrees) means that when a blade has been sharpened once by this sharpener, it will always return to the same bevel.  This will save the blade from unnecessary wear over the life of the sharpener.

The inexpensive nature of this sharpener also makes it ideal for use when camping or on a boat, or any other situation where there is a chance for it being misplaced or lost since it is easily replaced.

This small, lightweight sharpener is best suited for common kitchen knives and utility knives rather than specialty knives or high-end cutlery.  It does a good job on most non-serrated pocket knives, though touch up with a stone is advisable to ensure optimal cutting capabilities.

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 manual knife sharpener

While the Edge Grip 2 is a good manual knife sharpener for general household blades, it doesn’t fare well with high-end cutlery or serrated blades.  It also is a poor choice for a fisherman who is familiar with stone sharpened blades, though it is light-years ahead of the cheap “sharpeners” that come with some fishing fillet knives.

There have been reports of the Edge Grip 2 damaging expensive blades, especially ceramic or other special finish blades.  But anyone attempting to sharpen a two-hundred dollar or more knife with a ten-dollar knife sharpener probably should expect an unhappy outcome.

Bottom line, use this on the cheap knives that need a new edge, but save the good knives for the stone or a higher quality electric sharpener.

Questions and Answers for the KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2

Here, we’re going to answer a few of the more common questions for the Edge Grip 2. 

Will this sharpener work on serrated knives?  Answer: No, it will not.  In fact, this sharpener may end up destroying your serrated blades, as it’s not designed for them.

Is there a proper sharpening angle when using the Edge Grip 2?  Answer:  Do your best to keep the knife as straight as possible.  The sharpener is angled for you, so simply hold the knife straight for it to be sharpened properly.

Is this an electric knife sharpener?  Answer: No.  This is a manual knife sharpener.  You pass the blade through the sharpener’s open slot(s) and it sharpens the knife.  Therefore, it takes a little effort to sharpen your blade, which is why this sharpener is so affordably priced.

Comparison With the Competition

There are literally hundreds of portable small tabletop sharpeners out there, both electric and manual.

Of the manual ones, only a handful even really work, while the rest are more suited as paper weights or monuments to man’s insatiable appetite for self-delusion and eventual disappointment.

Every knife sharpener claims to do the best job, and easier than all the others, but few manual ones actually deliver.  The Edge Grip 2 is different, it will deliver consistently sharp edges to a blade, and do so effortlessly.

Compared to an electric sharpener, the Edge Grip 2 is simpler in design, meaning less parts can fail.  And because it is manually operated, it can be used in situations where power is not readily available.

It is also nearly silent in comparison to electric models.  The electrical sharpeners have an edge when it comes to bringing a very dull knife back to form, since they are better able to quickly grind down a blade and form a bevel.

It would have been nice if the design had featured a three-stage sharpening system with coarse, fine and very fine modules, but then it wouldn’t be called the Edge Grip 2 and would likely be more expensive.

The Edge Grip 2 is also much easier to use than a traditional stone or steel, and even a novice with no knowledge of how to sharpen a knife can use this product with ease.  A stone in particular takes quite a bit of practice to develop the skills to sharpen a knife correctly.  While the results achieved with a stone are in superior in general to the Edge Grip 2, it is also a much slower process.  The same holds true for traditional kitchen steels, which take practice to use correctly.


The Edge Grip 2 by KitchenIQ makes a great addition to the kitchen or camp pack and as a supplement to a stone for fisherman.  It is easy to use, easy to store, and best of all very inexpensive.  For those with high-end cutlery or specialty blades this isn’t the right sharpener.  But for the majority of shoppers looking for a reliable, inexpensive manual sharpener to compliment other knife sharpening tools, or keep a knife in good working condition between professional sharpening sessions, this is a great product and well worth its small cost.

Below, watch KitchenIQ demonstrate how to use the Edge Grip 2 knife sharpener.  You’ll also be able to see just how small and lightweight this manual sharpener is, as well!

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